Why Is my shotcut playback so laggy

I am trying to do simple gaming video editing with Shotcut and it annoys me how laggy the program is for my computer. If I am trying to look over an edit that I have done the video playback becomes very choppy. I don’t know what to do because my system is well over the system requirements.

GPU: RX 580

CPU: i5 4570

RAM: 8gb ddr3

Assuming you’re editing just HD footage and not 4K footage then your system is actually right at the minimum. If it’s 4K footage you are editing then you are below the minimum requirements.

Here is a link to the minimum system requirements: Shotcut - Frequently Asked Questions

However, there is already solutions to this. Use both Preview Scaling along with proxies.

Here is the documentation on the Preview Scaling feature:

Here is the documentation on Shotcut’s proxy feature:

Also, forum member @bentacular made a video showing the Shotcut’s proxy feature:

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