Why has shotcut saved my files in a random temp folder?

Hi all,

I’m using a external drive to store my video files, as my laptop hard drive isn’t big enough. I’ve come to up open up my shotcut file and the system prompted me to locate the missing files as they aren’t stored on my laptop. I selected my external drive file folder and they system was able to successfully locate half of the files, but I can’t access the other half, as for some incomprehensible reason, shotcut decided to give them a random name and save them in a now deleted temp folder.

Any idea why this has happened and how to prevent it from happening again?

Hi, it would be helpful to state more about your system. You did mention it’s a laptop. We can see based on the paths you show in your screenshot that it’s running some version of Windows. What has led you to conclude Shotcut moved and renamed these files? I’m not convinced it was Shotcut that did this. I suspect you’ve located some caching files created by the operating system and/or the system you used to mount the external drive. I presume the original files are still on your external drive. Perhaps when you reattached it it was assigned another drive letter from the one you used the first time when you interacted with it using Shotcut.

I tried with my own flash drive, creating two different projects.
I have not figured out how your files ended up in the appdata temp folder.
Probably would detailed steps to recreate the situation.

This is how it’s coded from Shotcut.
And what I get if I attempt to open the project without the flash drive.

Tested again, same files, a different project name, inserted a 2nd flash drive to force the next drive letter.

Shotcut 22.09.23
Windows 10 Home

I cannot think of any reason why Shotcut would arbitrarily change the source file name to something in the temp directory. Usually I find this happens when people are dragging things from a web browser into Shotcut including using the web browser to browse local files on a drive. Please don’t do that.

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