Why Doesn't Timline Move Up?

Just started today. shotcut tutorial video he says and shows how he just drags the timeline up or down. Mine won’t move at all. Why?

And I can’t see his tutorial very well because of that black screen.

Is there a better one (for me) somewhere?

All I’m trying to do is join 12 3 minute clips together.
they have the same title screens or whatever, credits, at begin and end of each of them.

so I just want to cut them out.

learned (maybe) from that tutorial to just drag the right end of the clip back to cut the end off, drag the left end of it to cut the start off.
But I can’t see how to do that with frame by frame accuracy and I don’t think he explains, either, does he?

And I want to export what I’ve done so far but I’m at the export screen with no indication of how to start the export !

Can anyone help?

Top of the forum screen: Tutorials

There has been so many tutorials made of Shotcut, unless you share the link to the tutorials with at the specific time where you have a question, we have no idea what you’re trying to reference.

You can either type in the value (HH:MM:SS:FF), or use hover the mouse over the current position and use your scroll wheel. You can also use the up/down arrow buttons just to the right. You can also use the left/right arrow buttons on your keyboard.

More >> Keyboard Shortcuts << here:


Simple answer: Just click “Export File”

Detailed answer:
If you want a specific type of export format, pick that first (on the left), then click Export File. You don’t have to use “Use hardware encoder”, so you can just leave that unchecked. By Default it will be exported to an MP4 file format. Read the green box. Do not click on Advanced unless you know what you are doing.

If all you’re trying to do is put your video clips together by removing the titles/credits from clips all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

You do not need to use the timeline for this.

  1. Open the video in Shotcut. Drop it on the source viewer or use file open to open the video.

  2. Select the segment you want keep. Use the left/right arrow keys to position the play head exactly. Press I to set the in point then move the play head to the next position, press O to set the out point. This selects the section to keep.

  3. Press Shift A to add the clip to the playlist.

  4. Repeat steps 1 thru 3 as needed until you have all the clips in the play list.

  5. Save the project.

  6. Click export. In the from field select playlist.

  7. Export the video.

This will concatenate all the clips in the play list and make one video.

If you must use the timeline. Create a video track CTRL I. Click the little hamburger button select add all to timeline. Then export from the timeline.


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