Why does Shotcut revert back to an older version when I open a saved project

I recently wanted to make a new project but have an issue. **Whenever I open up a saved project the version of shotcut reverts back to an older version.**Here’s what it looks like when I open a new project (look at the new size, position, and rotate filter):

And here is what it looks like then I save and open it again:

Does anybody know what is going on?

The latest version has new filters.
The old ones are still there but hidden.
If an old project used one of the now deprecated filters, then they will be available, so that you can still open and use your project.
You should plan to work through your project and change them to the new filters.

Thank you but I don’t understand. I created that video project just now. When I clicked the “get a new version of Shotcut” button, it says that there is a new version but I installed the new one. I just used the filter as an example to show what I mean.

Make sure the current version of Shotcut takes up (i.e. Windows) ProgramFiles/Shotcut and the default shortcut points to that directory.

If you open Shotcut first, then open the project file, the project will be in that version of Shotcut used.

In Windows 10 (AFAIK) , by default usage, you can only have one program for each file extension, which .mlt is just for Shotcut.

Settings - Apps - Default Apps - Choose default apps by file type

You can save older version of Shotcut, just rename the folder before installing the latest version, thus leaving it at ProgramFiles\Shotcut as default for the .mlt

Oh my gosh! thank you!!! Thank you so much! It turns out I had two separate versions of Shotcut on my computer! One was on my hard drive and the other on my SSD!

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It’s ok to have different versions on your computer, but Windows 10 only sees 1 program location as default for the MLT when you double click on it. This current version of 20.09.13, several old filters are not present, as you may want an older version to use a filter that is not present in the latest one.

I’ve got several older versions installed. These are all folders that I named. I have shortcuts in the start menu if I should ever want to use one of them.

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