Why does it run so terribly after saving and quitting?

Ever since on of the Shotcut Updates, I think that its the one that added the menus for colour graphing, audio, video, ect. After that update, the program will run fine until I save and quit. Once I open the project again, audio and video will run terribly. The program will then “not respond” for about a minute. This hasn’t happened before the update I’m talking about. I even used to edit in the same software with 2 gigs of ram off of a flash drive, and it ran better. How do I fix this? Here are my computer specs: Asus q500a, Intel core i5-3230M, 6 gigs of ram, Windows 8.1, and a 700 gigabyte internal hdd , and a 2 terabyte external hdd.

This happens because it has to first process the project, then open it totally. And all softwares, premiere, Vegas, davinci, filmora, and much do this.

Do you know why windows first shows the booting screen, then opens?
Because it needs to process the things that shows and happens when you open it.

Same happens with any program.

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