Why does audio import asks for duration with 5sec default

Whenever I import an audio, there’s a popup which asks for the duration and is defaulted to 5 seconds. To include full audio, I’ve to play audio elsewhere to see the length and then feed it in this popup. Why is it being asked and if so, can it be defaulted to original time of the audio file instead of 5 seconds?

I’ve never seen this type of question before, nor have I ever experienced this. Not to say it’s not true though. Can you provide a screenshot of when this happens?

If this from your sample audio from your previous post, it’s wanting to know how long the audio is.
As @shotcut suggested in the same post is “Convert To Friendly”
Data obtained from Media Info

This is from the YouTube Music Library
Data obtained from Media Info


The media you are adding is not seekable, that is why you are getting the set duration box.



@sauron is correct here. Non-seekable sources are treated like live, which do not have a well defined duration. Convert it

Thanks. Yeah! The problem was with the raw file. The same audio converted in edit friendly mode doesn’t pulls up that popup. The support at this forum is amazing. thanks!

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