Why do my YT videos auto-default to 144p and best settings for HD?

Hi, shotcut forum members,

I am a relative newbie when it comes to video editing and shotcut etc.

I’ve created a few videos for youtube and so far so good. But a person commented saying “I have a very large screen and cannot read the instructions. They are not clear and are too small.”

I was a little annoyed as she gave me a thumbs down, when all she had to do is increase the playback quality.

Is there something I can do to encourage YT to auto-default to a higher resolution, preferably HD?

If I’m not mistaken that’s something that’s based on the individual user’s youtube settings as well as how good their internet connection is because sometimes if the connection isn’t good youtube could drop the quality to compensate.

Best you could do is type somewhere a note so that people can see to tell them to play the video in HD. That could be in the description, a post in the comments or even in the title of your video.

Thanks DRM.

I did that straight away, just as a backup. I was just hoping there would be a simple setting such as the frames/sec setting etc. Oh, well. Worth a try.
Thanks again for your reply.

With YouTube it’s best to set the video to Private while uploading, and only make it public once YouTube has done it’s magic and make all quality settings available. When you first upload a video the initial release will be 144p or maybe even a bit higher. Several hours (maybe more) later YouTube will show all quality settings.

For me, I’m always having to reset quality settings. It thinks that because I watched 4 videos all of 720p, only because that was their highest setting, that I want all videos at 720p.

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