Why do my clips keep overwriting each other?

So I’ve been working on a project recently where I have a lot of clips taken out of order. I’ve been trying to move clips around but they just keep overwriting each other. If I slide a clip over, other clips don’t move out of the way, and instead they just get overwritten. If I drag a clip down from the playlist, it just plows right over everything else that’s already there.

I expected clips to move out of the way, when I drag them around, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve used Shotcut in the past and don’t remember it behaving this way, but maybe I’m just not recalling correctly?

Is there anyway to get the behavior I’m talking about to occur, or do I really need to manually move every single clip over all the time? When trying to put the clips in the order I want them in, it’s immensely annoying having to drag clips all the way over to the right side, just to make room to shuffle clips around. It’s completely inane.

Copy + Pasting correctly moves clips out of the way…

Look for the ripple toggle on the toolbar. Hint: what does it look like when you throw a stone into a pond?

I knew I wasn’t crazy and that it had worked that way before! Thank you so much. I kept trying to search and fix my problem, but couldn’t seem to craft together the right words!

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