Why did the frame just freeze?

For whatever reason while I was editing a video using shotcut the frame just froze for a second and went all choppy, All i did was split at playhead and then as soon as the recording got to my split it went really choppy. I was just wondering why this happened

BTW The glitch didn’t seem to appear on any other video

Im using the latest version of shotcut.

I do not know. Was this only in preview or also in export output? Probably because your format is not edit-friendly and maybe because Settings > Interpolation is set to Nearest Neighbor. If so, change Settings > Interpolation to Bilinear and restart Shotcut.

Weird, I set interpolation to Bilinear and then restarted but shotcut still started to act up after splitting the clip

I assume the video isn’t edit-friendly but the format is mp4

I’ve realized that when I split the clip anything beside the clip will freeze and act choppy

Changed my interpolation to Hyper and it works fine now, But i was wondering if there’s a downside with changed it to Hyper

Its broken again…

Not quite sure what you expect from posting in this forum since you clearly don’t wish to share information which would help you.

For others who are reading, it’s best to submit as much information about your project, version, computer as possible to find a solution.

I wrote this tutorial, and now it’s outdated, and I can’t edit it, but there are no more “GPU Effects” with the current version of Shotcut.

Hi there. This problem caused me many headaches until I discovered the reason / answer.

Video formats like mp4 use compression methods to make the video file size smaller. They do not store every frame fully. They use information from earlier frames to complete the picture. So when you make a cut at any arbitrary place, the frames just following the cut become choppy until the next ‘fully stored’ frame (or I-frame).

The way to fix this is:

  1. Add the mp4 to the playlist.
  2. Click on the Properties tab below the playlist.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Properties section and click on the hamburger (the stack of 3 horizontal lines).
  4. Click on “Convert to Edit-Friendly…” and follow the instructions.

This will create an edit-friendly version of your mp4 that you can split at any frame without problems.

It creates a much larger video file (10 - 20 times larger than your original file), but at least you can edit properly.

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