Why can't I export when the original file was.AVI?

Am a big ShotCut fan and have successfully used it to edit and export (to .MP4) lots of .MPG, .MOV and .MP4 files. I have now tried to do the name for several .AVI files. Editing proceeds ok but when I click Export, nothing happens. It does not even give me an option to change Settings (for Export) because clicking [Export] has no affect whatsoever. By [Export] button I mean the one to the right of [Playlist][Filters] but I see that when I click the top menu [Export], again, nothing seems to happen. The system is not locked. Any suggestions welcome. Version 19.10.20; Windows 10 64 bit. Appreciate any help thanks.

I’m not an expert user by any means, but the first thing I would suggest is upgrading to 20.07.11 and trying it again.

You are probably only opening or raising (if in a background tab) the export panel. You then need to click Export File at the bottom of the panel.

Thanks will do

Thanks. Whatever the issue was, it has gone - this morning I rebooted and all is ‘back to normal’.

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