Why can't i drag things into shotcut

i used to be able to drag things into shotcut from any folder or file
be it video, image, or audio
but i can no longer do that since i went to the most recent version
i tried going back to an older version but that didn’t work

is this a bug?
and if so is there a fix?
it’s very annoying and is making editing alot slower
i’d rather not have to go to playlist and sift through my folders every time i wanna add something when i already have it ready to go
pretty much having to find it twice y’know

Under Linux you need a KDE or Qt based file manager for drag & drop!

Make sure you don’t have the Keyframes tab selected.

If you don’t see the Timeline tab, click on the Timeline icon at the top.

If this is not what is happening, is it possible to record a video or get a screenshot of what you are experiencing? Showing what’s going on will help find a solution.

Did you download Shotcut from here: Shotcut - Download
What operating system do you have?

I almost always using GNOME Files to drag-n-drop from a file manager on Linux.

As for the original poster, it works for me (and nearly everyone else considering the lack of complaint), and I guess you need to pay close attention to where the mouse pointer is when you drop. It must be over Playlist, Timeline, or the video preview. (There are some other random panels that accept it too and open in the player: Export, Properties, Recent, History, Jobs, Markers, Scopes). Also, there is File > Open in main menu and toolbar that also lets you choose multiple. Honestly, to me, the real challenge is to find all of the ways you can NOT get media into Shotcut!

No, I don’t know, because…

i’d rather not have to go to playlist

…you do not need to use the playlist in Shotcut. You do not need to first add things to the playlist and then from playlist to the timeline. That is probably the biggest misconception people have about Shotcut.

i found out the issue
my shotcut was run as administrator
which for some reason made me unable to drag anything directly into the timeline
sorry to have wasted anyone’s time with my question

I don’t think it was a waste of time. Others might come here in the future with the same problem.
If that happens, we will know what to tell them.

Good info.
I got bit with the unable to drag with the newer versions but learnt that sometimes the keytrack is highlighted, and not the track.

Click on the Track, as outlined, and proceed to drag items in as desired!

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