Why a clip automaticly start to play?

Why when I load a clip into shotcut it start to play from start? so my next click is to stop it.
In all the YT tutorials I watched this what was done. So it looks to me more of a nuisance than a feature. Can it be turned off?

Thank you, Asik

It behaves this way so you can use Shotcut like a media player. When you open a video in a media player it starts playing automatically. Also, it makes it convenient to preview several clips when trying to locate the clips you are interested in. Some people use another media player for that, but I use Shotcut for that purpose - saves me a step when I found the clip I am interested in. No, the behavior cannot be turned off, and I am not going to load Shotcut down with a crap load of options.

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I will admit I don’t understand your ending. Even VLC as just a media player has a mile long preferences list. I believe that a fine preferences list just enhances the strength and usability of a software not degrading it.
But your are the boss.

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