Whole Project Reset To Nothing After Editing A Files Audio Track

Windows 11

Screenshot 2023-12-28 193841

I had 3 audio tracks that played the same sound consecutively (editing technique), I added another sound in the third track but for some reason no audio was coming out of it (all my tracks and timeline were unmuted). I saw a post saying to enter into the files properties and switch the audio track. I did that but when I switched it Shotcut crashed. I reopened the project with a white screen, and everything gone…
Screenshots will provide clarity: Right clicked on audio file not making sound--------> Properties -------> Video/Audio/Metadata, Press on Audio ---------> Switch Track

Did you have 3 audio tracks on the Timeline?
Or does this MP4 file have 3 audio tracks?

Your top screenshot, shows you have no files in your project at all, hence the /00:00:00:00 timecode indication.

Could you upload your project MLT file? (Just drag and drop the file in the reply window).

3 audio tracks on the timeline, each track with 2-3 of the SFX.

When Shotcut crashed my whole project reset, I had 20ms of video… Is there any way
to restore a previous version of a project???

ISAW tester.mlt (558 Bytes)

Only if you made a backup using either File > Backup and Save, Windows built-in File History (you don’t use that?!), or something third party. Otherwise, Shotcut is not backup software too.

Your .mlt file is empty of any clips or tracks. Sorry you lost your work. Maybe setup File History or use Backup and Save occasionally.

I will try to add a feature to the next version Settings > Automatic Backup with options: None, Hourly, Daily, or Weekly. This will do what Backup and Save does whenever you save, but only if that much time has elapsed. Otherwise, there is already something called autosave and recovery in case of crash. That only runs every minute if there were changes. You did not mention it; did a recovery dialog appear when you re-opened the project after the crash?

no recovery dialog appeared when I reopened the project, usually it does but this time no :/. Shotcut seems to crash almost every time when I press a niche button/change a niche setting like an audio track or pressing the button next the ‘x’ for filter, playlist, notes, etc

I cannot fix the crash you showed in your screencast just as the problem you experience with floating the timeline. These features work on NVIDIA and Intel GPUs on Windows; it is a problem with AMD. Since floating panels is a problem on your system you should avoid it. As for your other crashes, I don’t volunteer to try to fix doing vague, random stuff to break things. If that interests you, work on yourself since it is open source.

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