White Sparkles when using Stabilization

Any clip I stabilize, it has bad artifacts after the video is exported. Appears to only be in the shadows or that’s at least where it’s the easiest to see. This is regardless of which camera, which frame rate, which resolution, and how much stabilization is applied.

It has white sparkling dots like a glitter snow globe.

If I don’t stabilize, they go away.

It is very noticeable and distracting.

I am not reproducing it on Windows with v23.12. I suspect it only occurs on videos that have full range color (Properties > Video > Color range) and where the video level falls completely to zero. Sometimes, there can be a numerical problem such that when a value would overflow 8 bits, it wraps. For example, 0 - 1 becomes 255, and RGB 255,255,255 is white. So, I chose a clip with similar properties and am not seeing it. Neither in preview or export - in full or limited range, with or without NVENC hardware encoder. Do you see it in preview, export, or both?

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I do not see it in preview, only exporting which is why I’m confused.

I can try changing the Color range to see if this affects it. I don’t have it in front of me to see what my settings or version are but I did not change from default. I believe I export as True instead of Broadcast?

You can try to stabilize your video with my free software and cut it with Shotcut!

Currently it is slightly better than Shotcut, the output is missing the first and the last frame and the audio is silenced but you have to do a lot of manual settings to get good results.
Watching the introduction video is recommend!

Try turning off hardware encoder.

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Yes! That was it. Also took less time which has me perplexed. My card is an older overclocked Devil Radeon RX480 though.

Not sure what happened or changed but it’s back. I went back and made a couple of changes to the video and exported without hardware encoder and the glitching / sparkles are back.

This is getting really frustrating. All that time spent on this and I have a snow globe video.

Are there any other filters on that clip?

Do you really want to crush the dark? Try adding a Color Grading filter, and move it above the Stabilization. Use Color Grading to lift the shadows a little.

Filters vary but on the first one effected, it has Color Grading, Mute, and Saturation.

On the video waveform, it’s still above the dark limit on all of the clips so I don’t know what you mean about crushing it.

I don’t understand what happened because taking off hardware encode worked. All I did was mute a couple of the clips and then re-export. It was then that the artifacts re-appeared worse than before.

Everything is above Y=16? Those dark areas look like they could easily dip into superblacks in the screenshots.

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