White rectangles out of nothing

Hi, strangely I was using Shotcut and out of the sudden just this weird white rectangles came out of nowhere, probably I push something, any idea how to return it to normal?

Hi @Luppercus
Are these rectangles still there after re-launching Shotcut?
What about after rebooting your computer?

You may have accidentally clicked/dragged the title bar of that panel or clicked on the undock button.
Undocking panels allow you to set panels where you want them, or to just have them floating as you may want a few panels to show on a different monitor if you have more than one monitor.

Move the box to place them back. Drag and release. (My box turned orange because of my OS settings)


Yes they are, I’ll try rebooting the PC

Thank you, I’ll try that

That worked thanks

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If you don’t want to accidentally see these controls in the future, you can protect yourself by hiding these controls.

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