"White Flash" ("Camera Flash") transitions - my revised and final tutorials

Hi folks, I’m starting a new thread with this, despite mentioning these before in a previous thread… because here are the final versions of my “White Flash” (“Camera Flash”) transition tutorial, and the final versions are very different from my first attempt.

  1. I replaced my Method 1 (Part 1) completely with @RilosVideos 's method (with his permission),
  2. I’ve made it a two-parter, with part 2 showing how to make a short but quite complex “Photo Freeze Frame” effect.

Hope someone finds them useful. I spent a while on these and I’m not changing them any more!

I also made a short information video on British tennis player Emma Raducanu which I’ve put at the end of part 2, but if anyone doesn’t get to watch to the end, I’ve added the link below as well.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Short information video:


*Bonjour, @jonray *

Cela n’enlève rien à la qualité de votre tutoriel, mais je trouve que la partie 2 est un peu compliquée.
Pour obtenir le même résultat, j’emploie une technique différente mais qui me parait plus simple.

Sur V1 l’image fixe avec les filtres suivants
Masque Forme Simple
Masque Appliquer

Sur V2 Clip Blanc avec les filtres suivants
Recadrer rectangle
Masque Forme Simple

Hello @jonray ,

This does not detract from the quality of your tutorial, but I find that part 2 is a bit complicated.
To obtain the same result, I use a different technique but which seems simpler to me.

On V1 the still image with the following filters

  • Simple Shape Mask
  • Brightness
  • Mask Apply

On V2 Clip White with the following filters

  • Crop rectangle
  • Simple Shape Mask

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Bonjour, comment as tu fait pour avoir le nom des filtres dans les deux langues ?

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Pour chaque filtre concerné, ceux que j’utilise le plus et ceux cités dans le forum, j’édite le fichier meta.qml situé dans le dossier du filtre et j’ajoute le nom Anglais entre parenthèse à la suite du nom d’origine.
Exemple pour le filtre Brightness, à la ligne 6
A l’origine:

name: qsTr("Brightness")

Après modification:

name: qsTr("Brightness") + " (Brightness)"

Hi jonray,

you put lots of effort in this technique! :slight_smile: Its all simple and straight forward.
I think it is also possible to combine the whithe flash from track 1 in method1 with the audio (whoosh) on the same track so that you always have one single object to copy and paste. Not sure, how you combine both in SC but i think its posssible(?). With your method2 you do just this as a complete clip.
Advantage of method2 is you can always re-use it in any project you want easily. This even could be made a selectable preset for transitions i think.

Cheers, Rilo

Thanks @namna - yes, I like your method! I’ll try it out, thanks for the feedback!

Did you mean?:

   name: qsTr("Luminosité") + " (Brightness)"

I did! Took a while. Yes, simple and straightforward to forum regulars!! However it’s aimed at YouTube viewers who don’t come to the forum regularly and appreciate step-by step instructions …

Good idea!

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@MusicalBox gave us the answer in his post:


No, the word in brackets is automatically translated by Shotcut. It is therefore displayed “Luminosité” in French and probably “Helligkeit” in German
qsTr(“Brightness”) + " (Brightness)" is displayed Luminosité (Brightness) in French and Brightness (Brightness) en Anglais.

The search box takes into account the 2 words, it is for me practical to find the exact filter when it is quoted on this forum.


Excellent tutorials, as usual @jonray. However, I question your choice regarding the event used to illustrate the freeze frame effect. :smiling_imp:

Personally, I would have opted for the last minute of the last hockey game between Canada and the United States, during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Watch Sidney Crosby (#87) leave his zone with the puck, then, and after being stopped by 2 defensemen, grab the puck back in the corner, pass it to Jarome Iginla, position himself to receive a pass then score the winning goal that gave the gold medal to the Canadian team.

A few minutes later, in England, you probably felt the tremor caused by the jumps and screams of millions of happy Canadians.

The last time such euphoria occurred on Canadian grounds was probably in September 1972, at the last game of the very first ice hockey tournament between Canada and Russia. A tournament won by Canada, needless to say. :innocent:

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Qu’est-ce que ce serait si vous étiez patriote ! :wink:

What would it be like if you were a patriot ! :wink:


@Namna, je suis presque certain que jonray s’attend à ce genre de commentaire de ma part. Le dernier US Open a réveillé de vieux griefs entre le Canada français et le Royaumes Unis. Un de ces griefs remonte à la Bataille des Plaines d’Abraham in 1759.

Pour autant que je sache, @jonray et moi sommes les seuls à participer, amicalement, à cet embryon de guerre. Mais qui peut dire où cela va nous mener?

@Namna, I’m pretty sure @jonray expected this kind of comment :slight_smile: The outcome of the last US Open reawakened old grievances between French Canada and the United Kingdom. One of these grievances dates back to the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759.

As far as I know, @jonray and I are the only ones participating, in a friendly way, in this embryonic war. But who can tell where it will lead?


@MusicalBox Je me demande comment vous avez réalisé le cadre Blanc. Avec la technique du Clip Blanc avec un filtre Crop: rectangle les angles sont vifs alors que sur votre vidéo ils sont arrondis. :innocent:

@MusicalBox I wonder how you made the white frame. With the White Clip technique with a Crop: rectangle filter the corners are sharp while on your video they are rounded. :innocent:

Capture d’écran 2021-09-22 à 13.54.13

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Je n’ai pas triché I didn’t cheat :pleading_face:



One of the best things about these threads is learning the many different ways that Shotcut can accomplish different tasks! Namna’s post illustrates excellent alternatives to jonray’s work - I say “alternatives,” because I would think one approach might be better in one situation, while the other might be better in another situation. And no doubt there are another 5 or 6 ways to accomplish the task!

Similarly, my first thought with the rounded corners was that MusicalBox must have used an external program to generate the rectangle … I had never paid attention to the corner radius setting in the crop:rectangle filter, despite using it extensively only recently!


This is not a totally bad idea, but it makes these additional names appear in the browser making them slower to scan-read and redundant for English and untranslated strings. Rather, what we need to do is add keywords and aliases that can be used by search. It is on the road map with general filter chooser improvements like thumbnail preview.


Merci, comme cela je me sens moins seul

Thank you, this way I feel less alone :grinning:

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Phew, I’m glad you said friendly!! I don’t want any Mounties knocking at my door… :rofl:
Actually Canada has a lot to offer (I looked it up): Women’s Soccer team GOLD (2020 Olympics), Andre De Grasse GOLD (200m)… plus, in my kitchen, a bag of lovely Canadian Strong Bread Flour. The best! Makes great rolls :+1: :wink:

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