Brand new tutorial - create a "White Flash" transition with Shotcut

Hi folks, hot off the press - I just made and uploaded this short tutorial. (Constructive) comments welcome!! As per my last one (animated text logos, Part 1), I’ve set it to “unlisted” on YouTube temporarily to give me a chance to check all is OK, then I’ll set it to “public” in a day or so if all is well. Cheers!

[EDIT] - oh dear, there’s a section missing. I’ll be amending it asap. Thanks to @pbattersby for pointing it out!


Thanks for sharing @jonray!
These methods are a lot faster than the one I used a few months ago. Love it! :+1:

I was excited to download your collection of whooshes.
But there is no whoosh link :sob:


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Very well presented. I hope you keep making tutorial videos. You did a good job.

One problem though. During your demo of method two, you say “Now I find the black and while video I just made”, except you never show how you made the black and white video. Did I miss something?


Oh no!! @pbattersby , you are right - I missed out a whole chunk! Doh, just shows how rushed I was. Thank you! I’ll amend it soon. Good job I didn’t post it as “public” just yet… I appreciate your feedback! :+1:
Watch this space…
@musicalbox, yes, I finished it in a rush, dinner was ready, and I didn’t get time to upload these either. D’oh again. I’m going senile. Apologies.

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Great technique! Definitely a lot faster than the way I’ve been doing it before!


That was a nice tutorial!

Your tutorials are seriously easy to follow, I was also going to point that missing part, but “pbattersby” already did it, as he watched the video before me.

I have already got some whooshes in my PC from other sources, and I am also excited to get some extra from yours.

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Great tutorial!
I would always use method 2 with just a white screen video instead of a prefixed video clip and use the blend mode to blend it in. You could copy this part as often as you want and always have it the same length and blend options (in and out). And you even dont have to care about the missing part :wink:

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@MusicalBox , @pbattersby , @bentacular, @Ar_D , @RilosVideos -
Thanks for all your comments. I have 99% updated my tutorial with the added middle section, and hope to upload it to YT again tomorrow, together with the “whoosh” sounds folder.

Hi @RilosVideos -your method sounds great and simpler than mine! However I’m not exactly sure what you mean. I’d love to know more! :grinning:


I just meant to put a simple white screen over (above) the video clips and simply blend it over as a transition to both sides. So you could simply copy this piece and use it as often as needed with the exact same settings. Seems to most simple method to me in all cases :slight_smile: And if you add audio to the top layer with the woosh, you could just copy this the same way each time you need it.


OK - a development. I worked out what @RilosVideos meant by his “white screen” method, and I have to concede that it’s a far better method than my Method 1 in the tutorial!!

So I asked @RilosVideos if I can feature this method in my (revised) tutorial, and he kindly agreed :grinning: - (full credit will be given in the new tutorial), so I’m off to re-do the tutorial. So please bear with me while I catch the time to do it.
In the meantime, here’s @RilosVideos’ method (no commentary). Simple and effective, and you can just copy the white clip and whoosh sound clip to instantly place over further split points. Ingenious!

PS I just uploaded the free resources: see this thread:


Oui, effectivement.
Et si en plus on pouvait inclure le son au clip blanc, on gagnerait encore des opérations.

Yes, indeed.
And if we could also include the sound in the white clip, we would gain even more operations.


And in versions V21.08 that now supports the system clipboard, the white clip with whoosh sound can be saved as a preset that could be imported in a few seconds in any projects.

Et dans les versions V21.08 qui prennent désormais en charge le presse-papiers du système, le clip blanc avec le son whoosh peut être enregistré comme un préréglage qui pourra être importé en quelques secondes dans n’importe quel projet.

Oh nice, that’s so much easier than the way I tried before, putting a white color frame in between the 2 clips I wanted to transition, in the same video track…why didn’t I think of this all along?!? (because I’m a newb, clearly…)

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Nicely done, JonRay!

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Thanks @jonray
I used it :


WOW, that’s great, @Pascal_S ! Thanks for posting it. The transitions are very appropriate. Also, I’m an animal lover so it’s lovely to see those dogs and cats !! :grinning: :+1:

WOW, c’est super, @Pascal_S ! Merci de l’avoir posté. Les transitions sont très appropriées. Aussi, je suis un amoureux des animaux donc c’est agréable de voir ces chiens et chats !! :grinning: :+1:

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