White/Black Screen on Playing File

I’m sure its a setting I somehow changed but when I put a clip in the time line all I get is a black screen when I scrub or play the clip,or a white screen when I play it in the play list.
This only happens with older clips I’ve saved. Today’s shots play fine.
Any ideas how to resolve this is appreciated,

thank you,

You don’t say which version of Shotcut you are using, nor which operating system you are running. Please supply that info.

If you view these videos outside of Shotcut (e.g. with VLC) do they play OK? If so, tell us what Shotcut says for the clip properties (easiest way is to provide a screenshot).

SC version 21.03.21, Windows 10. This is a SC file. All was well when I first imported into SC awhile back. After a bit of editing I saved it. Opened up yesterday and had issues. This happened to a number of others also. This particular clip isn’t all that important but I would like to know what happened so I can avoid it in the future.
The title plays fine, timeline images,but black screen. A white screen when attempting to play in play list.
I have no problems with new clips imported. All was shot on iPhone 11 pro

Thanks for your assistance.

Does the clip have any filters applied to it? Click the “Filters” button to check. Also, does the clip itself play in VLC?

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Double click on the playlist selection (it loads in Source)
Then click the play icon. (only plays in Source)

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