Whip pan / swish pan Transitions

Hey guys,

I was trying to create a whip pan or swish pan transitions in between clips . Does anyone have any clue how create them?

Thank you

@sauron is the person you need. @sauron, where are you???.. :grinning::grinning:

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Never did it before, but just tried this:

  • Arrange two clips to overlap to create a transition.
  • With the transition selected:
  • Add a blur effect, make the width wider.
  • Add a ‘size and position’ effect. I selected ‘Slow Move Left’.
  • Then increase the first ‘position’ number to make the ‘swish’ faster.

Maybe other keyframes could be added for easing and whatever.
My solution may not be great, but as I’ve never done it before, it gives you something.

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Thanks I will try it :slight_smile:

@sauron I need ur help :blush:

Hi @kllood007, is the effect in post 3 of this thread similar to what you were looking for?

Hope this helps…

I don’t know if it possible this transition can be made in shotcut as example in YouTube clip:

Did you try what I mentioned?

EDIT: After trying again, it’s doesn’t work so well, so don’t bother with it. :frowning:

@leebut - good idea, I’ll experiment with that method when I get some time. Thanks for posting.

@kllood007, The example I gave in my post above (by @sauron) was more of a motion blur zoom - what you are looking for is a motion blur slide effect.

This is the best I could do.


Might give it another shot later. This one’s a bit tricky.:frowning_face:

Hi @sauron, knew you’d be somewhere :grinning: Pretty good!! Don’t suppose you have the mlt to share of that??:+1::+1:

Used 2 GL transitions. Here’s the project and images.

Whip Pan.zip (1021.1 KB)


Oooh, sounds clever. Thank you for the zip.:+1:

Thanks at least we try…:hugs:

I tried to combine ‘slide in’ and ‘slide out’ filters on duplicated tracks as well, but it got a bit messy. It’s shame there isn’t a simple push transition that motion blur can be applied to.

Thank you @sauron i will check it out… I’m doing travel vlogging so I really want this transition …
Thanks to @jonray

Hi @kllood007, I was just thinking, if you are not aware of GL transitions, there are some really cool ones which can easily be implemented in Shotcut. A few months ago I made a demo video showcasing 26 GL transitions:


Forum member @elusien has made it possible to use these GL transitions with Shotcut. However, there are plans to incorporate them fully into SC at some point in the future.

It involves going to @elusien’s website. It was discussed on this forum some months ago. You can read about them here:

which was part of a LONG thread about transitions!!!:

I know these aren’t the whip pan transitions you were looking for but you may find something useful in this thread.

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Hi @kllood007
I played with this, followed @leebut’ s method above with a few different steps and got this:


Fairly easy to do. Not perfect but hope it demonstrates what can be done.

I can post in more detail how I did it if you’d like.


Another quick demo:


I know I can improve on this - just need to figure out how …:grinning::grinning: any ideas how I can get this any better??

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