While recording video gives acid effect, ruining quality after exporting

I’m using windows 11 and Shotcut version 23.05.07
However, no matter what version shotcut is in, especially in past versions, it has always happened with my videos. I have no idea how to fix the acid effect, it happens after editing for a while, and then some areas of the recorded video would get the acid effect despite it being completely fine the first time I saw it. I don’t know whether it’s the quality of the vid, the bitrate, the frames or if it isn’t compatible.

It affects any video file type, mp4, mkv etc.
I’ve tried proxy but it still affects.

I have 8GB RAM if that’s helpful.

Can you show us (screen capture) what is this acid effect ?

If it has a pixelated effect, then export your video with libx265. Export > Advanced > Codec > choose libx265. Amazing compression while keeping the quality superb.

If this isn’t your issue, then elaborate!

It is possible that since the last or penultimate version of shotcut, the version of ffmpeg is very different from the previous version…
For my part, my experience and tests in all directions and with several PCs, the latest version of shotcut, imposes inflation, mlt, exports… and therefore on the hardware.
8GB is low today, 16GB would be the minimum on a PC as long as we use it in an almost normal way (i.e. other than consulting the internet and basic office automation)
For video editing and export (video rendering) you have to quickly go to 64GB (at 32GB it still works but…) and also don’t forget the GPU…
In summary, if you have a PC that could export videos with 2022 versions, it may be difficult to do so with 2023 versions…
I am not asserting my words, you need to present more elements to understand. It is also possible that your sources are not suitable for the project…
On hardware issues and Shotcut configuration needs, we can’t rely on the developers, a taboo subject in my experience.

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