Which video file type is best for Shotcut?

I use OBS to record screen captures.

I can output to MP4, MKV, FLV etc.

Which format is easiest for Shotcut to handle?


It can handle all of them.

If you are referring to “easiest” in terms of it being able to have the best playback that’s very dependent on the codec. In OBS, it has the option to use Ut Video under it’s Lossless category. If you have the space for big file sizes then go for it. Otherwise, Shotcut can handle pretty much anything that OBS produces.

I prefer MP4 with either in either 30fps or 60fps.

What is best for you? You would have to experiment with the various formats.
There is a lot more settings within OBS than just the video container.

Once you enter into Output Mode: Advanced many different settings can be adjusted for your video needs. By default OBS is set to Output Mode: Simple.

You can explore even further advanced settings for recording by changing the Type to FFmpeg.

With FLV- files SC needs more time while editing, - that’s my experience.

Yes it can handle them all, but my quesiton is which ones are easiest for rapid editing.

I’ve edited two projects (20 mins and 32mins) using mkv files from OBS and it was pretty much a disaster. Moving clips around takes time, undoing anything can take half a minute even if its just moving one small clip half a second sideways.
And checking CPU/Memory usage shotcut never appears to use over 10% of my computer’s resources except for when rendering.

Just trying to figure out how to work better.

I tried changing display options, but for some reason it also affected the rendered files, changing their size, while actually not having any real effect on the fluidity of the work… This boded badly for me since I was pleased with the output quality so I quickly changed it back to what it was before. I’m not sure why it did that anyway.

Working with Proxies also didn’t help much, since even simple text-filters can cause weird slowdowns and sound crunches. Dunno.

Like I said in my reply the easiest for playback is Ut Video which is produced with OBS’ Lossless option but the file sizes will be the biggest. I don’t know how long your OBS recordings are but test them out and see if you have the space for it.

MP4, MKV, FLV, etc… are containers. They don’t really affect the playback as much as the codec does. Ut Video is a codec and it can be wrapped in an avi or mkv container.

Are you using Preview Scaling along with proxies in Shotcut? The purpose of proxies is to produce video files that run faster and smoother in the timeline. They don’t handle slowdowns caused by filters. Slowdowns by filters are remedied using Preview Scaling.

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Hi. I am also interested in this topic, but have not really found an answer as my question is specific to “Handbrake.” I have used (still use) EyeFrame converter to get my drone footage to a constant bitrate. Eyeframe is quite old and not updated anymore. I want to try Handbrake, but would like to know which output format would be fastest to edit with in Shotcut. (The proxy made a HUUUGGGEEE difference already, thanks!) but if I can give my laptop less work, so much better.
The drone shoots at 1080p 30fps MP4 variable rate - first and “only” change is to convert to fixed rate. Output after editing will be 1080p 30fps fixed rate. Which format is best in Handbrake for faster editing? There is MP4, MKV and Webm and then of course there is the video codec… What to choose to work better with Shotcut?

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