Which version should I download?

I’m new to Shotcut and I’m interested in downloading to utilize for video editing. I’m running MS Windows 10, 64 bit. From the four options below (from the shotcut download page: https://shotcut.org/download/) I would appreciate feedback on which version to download. Thank you.

Site 1 (FossHub)
64-bit Windows installer
64-bit Windows portable zip

Site 2 (GitHub)|
64-bit Windows installer
64-bit Windows portable zip

FossHub & GitHub is just two sites that have the same exact files to download.
64-bit Windows installer, is just like any other software for Windows 10.
Portable Zip can used without any installation, which can be used in a folder by itself or on a USB drive.

My personal choice is downloading from GitHub, Windows installer.

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I’ll throw my hat in the ring for the MS Store version. Doesn’t require admin, is a containerized MSIX (clean uninstall, and can easily be moved between storage volumes on the system), and is auto-updated via the Store, so less maintenance overhead.

Plus, added bonus of financially supporting ShotCut development.

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And Bill Gates’ vaccine is free too?
I’m just kidding. :smiley:

I also prefer the github download, but then the portable version, in case something goes wrong I always have the previous version on the HDD, which otherwise isn’t there anymore with a new .exe installation.

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