Where to select audio interface outputs?

Hi there, just starting with Shotcut having come from Openshot. I see there will be a learning curve here !

I am making a Youtube audio release of a track I made around 7 mins long, actually the “video” it is simply 1 image from start to end of the tracks duration for a Youtube video.

Right now I go under Audio/Video interface and see only settings for inputs not outputs
so I cannot currently hear any audio. Where do you set audio output, seems quite buried?

Also is there an offline pdf. manual. As my PC is not online and won’t be routinely and it seems manual/documentation tries to load from online. So an offline manual would be extremely useful.

Worst case though far from ideal, I can save where the online manual is as offline webpages.(though looking at the help pages seems that is impossible as it is just forum posts)

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

Shotcut does not have an option to force audio interface selection and always uses the one selected by the operating system by default. Go to the sound properties of your operating system and make sure that the audio interface you need is selected by default. The only exception is the Linux system, where you can select the JACK driver as the audio output.

Thanks, I resolved this through a Windows sound issue. Lack of any sound card output routing made me think it was Shotcut. It is quite straneg that such a complex fully featured application has no basic audio routing options.

Unfortunately right now Shotcut seems to be a poor choice for me personally, unintuitive and coupled with no offline manual or help files is making it too difficult to get going, a very basic oversight, many willl have their production machine offline. Especially PC owners.

It was worth a try and thanks for your response.

I will come back every now and then and check if someone related to the software has compiled an offline starter guide at least. I appreciate this is open source and donationware but this just does not work for me right now.

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