Where or what are these 15 second handles when using 'Properties>Reverse'?

Hello @ll,

I try to figure out this new point in 20.04.12:

“Added 15 second handles when using Properties > Reverse on a timeline clip. Handles are extra footage before the in point or after the out point. This makes it easier to adjust edits or add transitions around reversed clips.”

Can someone please help me where I can find these handles (screenshot)?

Best regards.

Open a clip that is longer than 30 seconds in Shotcut Source player. Move the in point past 15 seconds. Move the out point minus 15 seconds. Now, you have 15 second handles. If this were a clip on the timeline, you could refine edits on either end by dragging to trim (in ripple mode, for example). You could also make a transition with a neighboring clip by trimming. Without handles you cannot increase a clip duration by trimming on the timeline.

Now, regarding the above, previously when you selected a timeline clip and choose Properties > Reverse it would create a sub-clip using the exact in and out points, and then reverse that. Now, that we can replace the clip on the timeline after reversal, it is nice to also include 15 second handles during the sub-clip extraction.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Neither in the source player nor in the timeline I see the ‘15 sec. handles’.
Maybe I understand it differently and a screenshot would be more helpful?

Handles cannot be seen directly in Timeline. Just because it cannot be seen does not mean it does not exist.
Copy a timeline clip, switch to Source player and see the handles I labeled with yellow text in the scrub and trim bar (depends on how your clip is trimmed):

Any time you trim a clip, it has handles.

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