Where is the software once its done downloading?

I cannot find the software of shotcut when I was done installing. Where is the software? Is it in downloads, documents, or what? Somebody please tell me where. I cannot find it. I feel like i wasted 2 mb from this!!! >:(

This answer assumes you are using Windows. If you are using a Linux system the answers will be different.

Is it installed, or just downloaded?

If it’s installed then a typical location would be

C:/Program Files/Shotcut

Most installed software, unless manually specified, installs into C:/Program Files (or C:/Program Files (x86) if it is a 32bit program installed on a 64bit installation of Windows.)

If not yet installed then it should be in the Downloads folder specified by the browser you used to download it which is usually the default unless changed by the user. Even if you have installed it, the original file you downloaded is most likely still there. Use the help facility of the browser itself to find the folder or post the name of your browser here and one of us will be able to point you in the right direction.

[Assuming Windows version because you haven’t said]

The installer shows you where it will be installed BEFORE you click ‘Next’
This step also allows you to change the destination of the installation.


Actually the Shotcut installer is 184Mb. If your download was 2mb then you haven’t downloaded it at all.

Be sure you downloaded it from the officials channels !!


Then, explain which system and browser you use. Usually, it goes in the place your others DL usually goes…