Where is the Noise filter?

Hi, I’m just starting to use Shotcut to edit/clean up home movies digitized from Super 8 mm film videos using a Wolverine MovieMaker Pro.

The tutorial on Film Restoration shows how to use a Noise filter, but my Shotcut (version 17.11.07) does not seem to have that filter.

How do I get that filter?


There is a Reduce Noise Filter if that is what you’re looking for.

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You did not specify which OS you are using and how you got Shotcut. It can depend on that.

Downloaded from the Shotcut site. Running on Windows 7 64bit, AMD Athlon 4850e Dual Core Processor., 4Gb memory. Could that be the problem? I do have a laptop with an i5 processor if that would make a difference. (and I could get it away from the wife…:slight_smile:

There are a lot of filters in that image that I do not have… Here is the total list of filters that I see:


You are only looking at the favorited filters. Some of the filters are favorited by default. Look at the icons at the bottom of the list to switch between favorite, video, and audio.
Also, clicking the star (asterisk) icon next to the filter name toggles whether it is favorite.

Filters. :slight_smile:

Found them! Thank you!