Where is my video - help

I edited my first video and spent probably 2-3 hrs cutting sections out and reviewing it. When done I went to to File ,Save as and saved it under videos and titled it practice video. The file shows it as an mtl file . When I click on the file it shows the 13 cllips that I started with and a video (unedited) on the timeline. Where is my edited video or have I lost 2-3 hrs. Thxs.

Exporting the video with Default settings gives a mp4 video file.

I didn’t export the file, I saved it or thought I did.

The MLT file is the project file, basically just lines of code, essentially saving all of the tasks you told Shotcut you want to perform. MLT file is not a video file.

MP4 is a video file, where you need to Export from the MLT file.

There are some really great tutorial videos you might want to watch to learn more about Shotcut.

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Ok, I worked on the video and now 2 days later I want to do more editing
I saved it not exported it
This morning I go to File> open file (mlt file extension)
When it load into my timeline its not the edited version.
When you want to save a video to go back at a later date from what I’ve watched you save it as a mlt file
Are you saying that I should save it to my hard drive as an MP4 file with the intent that I can comeback to do further edits?

I have misinterpreted what you were asking.

MLT is for project files.
Exporting is for producing a video from the MLT.

If you want to edit, you edit from the MLT.
It is possible you did hours of editing but not saved it before you exited the program.
The “Save As” function is super helpful so you can have multiple saves when doing long projects.

Shotcut does some Auto-Saves so you might be able to find your project in your App Data Directory.

These instructions is for Windows: Settings, App Data Directory, Show
Open up the “autosave” folder

I highly suggest getting in the habit of doing multiple save files after hours of editing, if possible saving to different devices to avoid losing hours of work.

Others have reported the same problem as you, but no one provides enough or much detail. I have never experienced the problem described in 7 years using Shotcut almost daily. Maybe you are not opening the correct .mlt file. Or maybe some weird order of steps everyone fails to mention.

I’m new at this so it most likely is me. I’ve deleted everything and started with importing the clips. I’m now setting up auto save now , we’ll see where we get now.Thxs

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