Where do I select MP4 for Exporting?

I saw a video showing under Export: From: Timeline Format MP4 and tabs for Video, Codex, Audio, and Other.

I have in my Shotcut:

Export Help
From Timeline
Use Hardware Encoder and Configure

I tried it and wound up with a AVCHD file that could not be processed by IMGBurn.


I do not know anything about IMGBurn, but the Shotcut export default is MP4 (not changing anything, not choosing a preset, clicking Reset within Export, or choosing the preset named Default). I highly doubt you got AVCHD, as that is MPEG-2 Transport Stream, and you have to go out of your way in Shotcut to create that. The things you are asking about are in a section of Export labeled Advanced. I do not recommend you change anything in there unless you are advanced.


Maybe you need a properly encoded file suitable for Blu-ray to work with this program.
In that case, we do not have a Blu-ray preset. It might be possible to still output, but I do not know enough off-hand without doing a lot research.

Thanks. I do not have a Blue-ray player and did not intend to do anything for that. I suspect that I selected the wrong setting on the left side.

The video made it seem so simple. It was not for me.

It is simple. Click Export File

It looks like it is doing it. I’ll see how it comes out. I have another issue that I shall address in another thread.


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