Where can I get x32 setup?

Hello, where can I download Shotcut for Windows x32 . I am using Windows XP. Thank you

Hi @h4ever
The last Shotcut version for x32 was v20.09.27.
You can get it here: v20.09.27

Not sure how well it will run on Windows XP though. You can find all the older versions of Shotcut here.

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Too many errors in all versions. Did the Windows XP development stopped? If not, is it possible to get source codes for C/C++ to compile in Visual C++ 2010 Express? There is some .txz file with some source.

What do you mean by errors ?
No older versions of Shotcut you tried worked with XP?

I tried older versions, but all generate serious errors. That is like missing some point to a function or procedure or kernel32 or something similar. I am unable to try the source codes because there are not the project files needed to VC IDE. If I would have such file I could try to help with the error report.

That’s above my level of competence :confused:
Hopefully the developers will see this thread and will surely try to provide a solution to your problem, or at least answers to your questions.

Shotcut was never officially supported on Windows XP. See here though:

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Just drag the audio clip to the right by the amount you want to delay.

There is no zoom in/zoom out tool in v 15.04? To zoom out the track…

I’ve no idea I’m afraid as I never used such early versions of shotcut. Is there a filter called “Size & Position”? If so that is what you should use.


Never did I also.
But I just installed it, partly by curiosity.
It constantly crashes on me.
But it’s fun to see how much Shotcut evolved in 6 years.

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v 15.04.01 for XP installed

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