Where can I get sound clips and pictures?

Hey ya folks, frst of all, hello! I am pumpkins-Patch and new to making videos.

I got shortcut a month ago and I am having trouble getting started.

I’d like to practice with putting a simple picture video with music, however where does one get sound clips and pictures from? I’d eventually want to work my way up to making music videos/amvs.
So my question is is there a free source for virus free clips and does anyone know what exactly the rules are for copyrights? Also, can the sound clips be from MP3 format music, or does shotcut take any forms of music?

Thank you.

where does one get sound clips and pictures from?

You can find links to all different sites that offer free video and audio media by going to the main Shotcut homepage and clicking on Resources: https://shotcut.org/resources/

Scroll all the way down the page to see the links.

does anyone know what exactly the rules are for copyrights?

It depends on the specific media you are looking at. Websites that supplies free media should also have info on particular rules regarding each piece of media that is being offered in their individual pages.

Also, can the sound clips be from MP3 format music, or does shotcut take any forms of music?

Yes. :slight_smile:

If you’re creating videos on YouTube, there is free audio resources in their Creator Studio. Some require copyright text in your description, most don’t. It’s not great audio, but it’s free.

Copyright laws vary from one country to another, and there is international copyright laws. Basic terms… unless you created the image, video, sounds yourself, you don’t have copyright. Copyright is defended in court.

And idea for images could be your own. Take your favorite mug/glass fill it apple juice/beer/wine, position it in the sunlight on a table with fruit behind it. Take a photo. Play with that photo in a photo editor for various looks. Take video/pictures of a train passing by. Find a local car show, attend it. People love it when you take pictures of their cars. You don’t need expensive cameras for this. If anything find one of your friends with the latest smartphone and ask them to take pictures for you and send them to you. This was shot from an Samsung S6 smartphone. Will not win me any awards, lol, but it’s mine to do with what I want. The same could be done with Anime figurines that you own. Look at ACBA to see what I’m talking about.
Cost if items: $1

I echo the “if you can make it yourself, do it” mantra. Tangling with copyright lawyers is no fun, especially music publishing houses. The lawyers themselves are great as they want people to license their stuff to get paid, but the process is soul-draining. I had to go through this to acquire legal rights for a commercial project recently, and even when the system works well, it’s still complicated and terrifying.

In addition to the great resources already listed by others, I would add that Creative Commons can be very useful. It is a type of license that is described using easy-to-understand language and spells out exactly what you can and can’t do with an asset. There is a search engine that lets you quickly find media tagged with a CC license. You can get better results by turning on filters that limit results to higher-quality sources like Behance or DeviantArt.


You can also go to Google, do an image search, click the Tools button at the right of the search type bar, and change Usage Rights to some variation of Free.

Very cool @Austin
Didn’t know what was a thing on Google Images.

thank you! I almost didn’t post my question but I am glad I did now. :slight_smile: thanks fella. I’ll look into these sources.

that’s smart to do, taking your own pictures. I didn’t think of that. thank you for the reply. :grinning:

This is very informative. Thank you Austin!

In addition to the Resources page on the site that DRM mentioned, this forum now has a Resources category for users to submit additional sources and ideas. I will move this topic over there.

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