Whenever I zoom in on the timeline, shoutcut crashes

Whenever I zoom in on the timeline, shotcut crashes.
Version: 22.06.23
OS: Windows 10 64

You need to wait longer. In the future for bug reports you need to specify your version and the operating system (unless it is obvious from the screenshot as it is here). In any case, yes, zooming the timeline can be slow, but I do not reproduce a crash.

The longest I have waited is 5 minutes, and it stayed frozen. (And I added the version an OS)
Edit: 10 minutes now

Oh, OK, 5 minutes is definitely too long and means it hung. I was thinking up to 45 seconds.

Even if I reload shotcut, it still does this. I think it may be because I just started using proxy, so when I zoom in it does something with the stored data? I am just spitting out words now, but I did just start using proxy and scaling so I am not sure if that did anything.

I tried without proxy and scaling, and nothing changed so that is not the problem.

Please tell us what are the specs on your CPU and RAM.

My CPU is not at 100% when I edit but I will say it anyways.

CPU: AMD Athlon 3000G with Radeon Vega Graphics
Sockets: 1
Cores: 2
Logical processors: 4
Virtualisation: Enabled


Can you please test the different options in Settings > Display Method to see if it makes a difference? Timeline UI drawing makes heavy usage of OpenGL. Another option to try turning off is Timeline > menu > Options > Use Higher Performance Waveforms. Thanks


That seems to have done the job, thanks!
(I turned off Higher Performance Waveforms)
Edit: I also changed the Display Method and that reduced a lot of lag, thanks again.

Thanks for responding. I am curious to know which Display Method you settled on; it may help other Radeon users.

I used automatic in the end. If I had to choose a specific one though. OpenGL would’ve worked the best.

Hi @shotcut - I’m curious to know what “Use Higher Performance Waveforms” means. Thanks!