When you select GoPro LRV files instead of MP4 files

…and you’ve completed your entire project and can’t figure out why it renders in low quality.

The clip will say (PROXY) on it in the playlist so you’ll think that maybe the LRV in the name is just a pointer.
It is not.

*** I couldn’t find a clean way in Shotcut itself to directly replace clips in the playlist with another file and have every clip in the timeline automatically update. ***

But it was an easy fix using a text editor.

I opened up the mlt file in a text editor (after making a copy of course)
Find and replace “/GL” with “/GX”
Find and replace “>GL” with “>GX”
Find and replace “.LRV” with “.MP4”


This should make Shotcut use the .MP4 and, because there is an LRV file for each MP4, it will automatically use the LRV as a proxy.

If there are potential issues I missed doing this please let me know but it worked well for me.

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