When I use the timer filter, milliseconds always reset to zero


I have a problem with these timer filters:

When the timer ends, the milliseconds will always show “0” or “00”. While the timer is running, I can see the milliseconds change but the moment I hit the “set duration to end” button, the milliseconds are reset to zero.

Shotcut version 19.02.28 (but I have seen it in previous versions as well)

If you set a duration in the seconds field of the duration parameter the counter will not show 0.



With a duration of 00:00:03.440, I expected the timer to show 03,4 but it shows 03,0 instead.

It’s the way rounding works. Set it to 3.55 and it’ll show 3.5.

Still 3,0.

It’s working perfectly well here.

That doesn’t help me unfortunately :frowning:

I’ve had this bug before until it suddenly “fixed itself”. Two days ago, I noticed the timer didn’t work properly again after having been fine for more than two months. I downloaded the latest version of Shotcut today to see whether this would solve the problem but it didn’t.

Any ideas how to fix this?

I think the issue might be that your system is using comma for decimals.


My system.


It is worse than that. See the UI is using period for decimals, but the video engine sees the decimal as a comma. The system settings are set such that the decimal point setting is not consistent with the language and region chosen.

Spot on! I tried changing Windows’ decimal symbol from comma to period and the timer now works exactly as it should. Thank you! :smiley:

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