When i render my video that is about 2mins it stops at 18% or 56% and wont go any further

my video will not render and it will stop at 18% or at 56% or even at 32%
plz help
im am using a windows 10 and 32bit shotcut
im using the latest shotcut (17.11)
the files are off an youcam action camera mp4

Impossible to help you until you can tell us much more.
We don’t even know which operating system and Shotcut version you are using or anything about your computer or the file you are editing and the choices you have made for encoding.

Well, you’re doing this under Win10 and Shotcut 17.11. so you’re good there. You’re obviously getting your video in (what format? MP4?).

What edits have you made before trying to export your project? Have you added any music, etc.? Finally, how are you trying to export the file - the YouTube preset or…? Trying to get all possibilities - do you have enough room to write the file? Are you writing to an HDD, or a stick?