When I open auto-save file it just crashes on open

I have no idea why it does this there is 4 hours of work in it i did not save as it is my 1st time using shotcut help :frowning:

I do not reproduce this, but you can upload your project file here for someone to take a look at it.

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e65984e2161e8536763071f764b46d56.mlt (54.9 KB)

im on 64 bit version and i have a lot of pc power so @shotcut

I am able to open your project file without crash after substituting my own media, but it has one thing I cannot replace because I do not have it: 100 days hardcore minecraft.mlt. There is a one frame of this nested project as the first item in the Playlist. I suspect that may be the problem. I removed it; give this a try:
e65984e2161e8536763071f764b46d56 - fix1.mlt (54.1 KB)

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you are the best

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