When I export my file I can't use anything to view it

This is my first time using Shotcut and I’ve finished my first project but when I export it into any format I’ve tried neither VLC nor Windows Media Player can view it. Windows Media Player says this file might be corrupted but I’ve tried multiple times and it doesn’t help. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @TinyCat

Did you change the settings in any of the tabs (Video, Codec, Audio or Other) in the Advanced export panel?

Did you try the Default export preset?

Are you using linux or windows/macos?
My mistake, he is using windows but I didn’t read the topic properly.

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Hello @TinyCat ;
As @Ar_D has noted, more info would be helpful.
Operating system, Shotcut version, and a copy of your log file are a good start. From the top menu inside Shotcut select
View → Application Log → Save
and then attach that file here. Do that by creating a new post or a reply in here and then click on the upload button (the up arrow) and selecting the saved file.

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As you said the file shows it’s corrupted in win media player, I did try converting a corrupted mp4 through vlc today, it did work after converting it to avi.
Maybe you can try converting your files through vlc if not view.
Btw, I am not really using my desktop these days so I can’t say surely, but I believe there is a option to generate log or xml when you right click on render jobs. That would help us like @PoisonedSlice said.

Those wondering about converting through vlc, yes it is possible, infact you can screen record, stream online videos, even download online videos through it, even youtube… I hope you can use vlc more often now in your work :wink:

Windows of some flavour (windows media player reference) but not sure whether 10 or 11.