When i add text to my video, shotcut messes up the audio and video

So when i add text to a clip, and then i play it again, even if the audio is detached from the video, the video lags at what looks like an eye bleeding 10 fps and the audio sounds like it’s going through a turbine, but when it passes the clip with the text in it it’s totally fine. i have a beast pc, so it’s not a machine problem, ive checked, and i cant figure out why this is happening, i have looked it up many a times. it may also be helpful to mention im a new user of shotcut so if it is something simple to fix the issue i am sorry

Shotcut version?
Operating System?

windows 10, and i dont know how to find which version of shotcut im using

update: i installed the latest version, and now it’s not as bad, but at the begining of the clip that i add text to it messes up the audio and when the clip then transitions to a clip that doesnt have text it pauses then keeps playing

After you export it, it will play fine. Just for kicks what specs constitute the status of “beast pc”?

Is GPU Effects on or off?

Processor: Intel Core i5-8400 CPU @ 2.8 GHz 2.81 GHz 8gb ram 64 bit (obviously) cyberpower. it was 929$ so im pretty sure its atleast acceptional.
and yes thank you for the help lol, it had me worried, thank you so much. and if youre curious 1tb hard drive but those things are pretty common nowadays so yeah

(also has pretty sweet looking keyboard and mouse my dude lmao)

These are all just preview issues because Shotcut is not optimized enough. If you have many CPU threads, you can try turning off Settings > Realtime, and it will use more CPU threads, but then it does not drop video frames to try to keep the audio continuous - your mileage may vary. These things affect preview, and not the export quality. You can either learn to live with it because you understand export should be OK or use something else.

From the menu Help > About Shotcut