When hitting play, video skips by 24 miliseconds

I put a picture and a small audio clip to test out Shotcut. Everything seems to be working but whenever I play the video, the preview starts to play 24 milliseconds ahead of the playhead. I don’t know what’s causing this or how to fix it. The video in total is 2 seconds and 8 milliseconds. I know I have the latest version and am running Windows 10.

Not sure how you can tell if you’re using a still image, it’s not a video technically.
If you mean the audio plays before the playhead moves then I have no idea as that doesn’t happen here. Perhaps it’s PC hardware causing a lag?

That’s not really his point. I just started trying Shotcut out, using version 17.12.03 and on my Windows 10 PC, and I can confirm this problem still occurs.
What happens is when you click play on the preview, the cursor on the timeline skips ahead by a almost exactly a second thereby also skipping that much of the video ahead as well, and the cursor can be anywhere on the video (say it’s at 3.00 seconds, pressing play will make it jump to 3.24 seconds and go from there), it’ll still skip regardless the very second you hit the play button.
The bottom line being, the cursor should not be skipping at all when clicking the play button, it should play from where it originally stayed at and not 24 frames ahead of that point.

Absolutely does not occur here. Does the same thing happen if you use the spacebar to start playback?

I just now tried the spacebar, and yes, the same still happens.

I have observed the same behaviour, but with audio. The audio file comes from Audacity, it’s a WAV file. When I move to the start of a clip and press the space bar, it skips the beginning and starts playing like a second or so into the clip. It’s not a big deal, as I can see the waveform and that helps, but it’s definitely there.

Yeah, audio, pictures, video, the problem is very much the same from what I can deduce, and it’s very much as you say-- skipping the beginning and playing a second in thereafter, and for me, I feel that it’s a nuisance and I hope it’ll be touched upon in the future.

Agreed, but I doesn’t occur for me at all in any of the above scenarios (a wav edited in Audacity included) so I suspect it’s a hardware driver related issue rather than anything directly related to Shotcut.