When export filename contains a period (one or more), no extension is appended

OS = Linux Mint 21 Vanessa

Shotcut version = 22.10.25 64-bit

The problem is trivial to reproduce. Export a project with a target filename containing one or more periods. The result will be a file with no format specific extension appended.

This behaviour is undesirable particularly if using both Windows and Linux environments interchangeably.

Most media file formats support more than one filename extension (e.g. ogg/ogv, mp4/m4a, mkv/webm, ts/m2t/mts). I do not maintain a set of valid extensions for each format you see in that format list. Extension may also be based on whether audio or video were turned off making it more complicated. The automatic filename implementation is intentionally simple, and I will likely not be changing it. If you enter a period you should supply a file name extension. You can also rename it after the fact if you notice it. Finally, file name extensions are not strictly necessary but usually very helpful.

Ok, that all sounds fair enough. Thanks for responding so quickly :slight_smile: