When cutting and removing a part of a video it freezes the beginning of the clip

While trying to cut and remove part of a video the video freezes but you can still hear the audio for a few seconds then goes back to normal.

You need to provide your Shotcut version and more clear steps. I do not reproduce the problem.

Hi there!

I used to have the exact same issue with you and I figured it out!
I assume your using OBS to record (if you aren’t there’s probably similar steps) and if you are then go to File (top left corner) > Settings > Output, then scroll down to recording and change what Recording Format you’re using, I suggest using MKV or FLV.

For context I was using TS before but when I changed to MKV and cut a video there wasn’t any freezing!

Hope this helps!
If it doesn’t feel free to reply again.

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