What's a good duration for Fade in Video/Fade out Video for seamless transitions?

As I’m recording and archiving game movies there’s a constant and rapid change of pace between in-game cutscenes and actual gameplay, often from different locations.

So far I’ve been using Fade in Video/Fade out Video, but the transition between the different parts is still too abrupt and somewhat choppy.

Do I need to increase the duration of the filters, or is there a different and better way to go about it?

Did you try crossfades? You overlap the 2 clips by a short time, e.g. 0.5 - 1 sec. Just try out different settings and see if you are satisfied with the settings. There is no “best duration” for cross fades - it depends highly on the content and your feelings :wink:

Fade out/in or transition times depend on the result you want to archive. it is your creative vision that set the values, if you feel they are to short then make them longer, only you can find the “right” values.

For fade in/out of music, you will need a longer periode of time to get a nice effect, for video there fade to black, you will need less time, but the exact number is up to you and your vision.

Just use your gut feeling, don’t be limited by some fixed numbers.

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