What speed to convert 60fps to 24fps slow video

Hi. I just wanted to know what speed I should use to change 60fps video into slowed down 24fps video. Is there a formulae to work out the speed? (As in to convert 60fps to 30fps slow video you have to set the speed to 0.5x but what speed for 24fps? 0.3x? Maybe it’s obvious but I can’t think of it)

Maybe I’m wrong but a simple operation would look like this: 60/24 = 2.5 (speed reduced to x 0.25)
Reducing x0.3, I presume that it would be 60/3 = 20 fps
Anyway, here is a link with more information and data:
Please, if I’m wrong, I’d like to know, thank you.:slightly_smiling_face:

24/60 = 0.4

24/(60000/1001) ~= 0.406780 (60000/1001 is the actual frame rate of 59.94 fps video, which is often referred to as 60 for convenience.)

(24000/1001)/(60000/1001) ~= 0.406373 (Due to the strange true rate of 60 fps video, 24000/1001 or 23.98 fps is frequently used.)

You might not care about these minor differences and are happy with 0.4, but I just thought I’d share them.

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Then I answered everything backward. I was wrong.

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