What process/program does shotcut uses for exporting video?

What process/program does shotcut uses for exporting video? And where can I find the list of its parameters which can be added to the section Other (advanced menu of export).


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Great! Thank you a lot!

Although this description is missing one thing: filters. There is sth in man pages but that’s a bit easy to read. Do you know any good filters description?

What filter should I add to do sharpening after upscaling?

It’s pretty obvious. :wink:

Well, I’m not sure. If I do:

melt -query "filters" | grep "sharpen"

Then as the only filter with sharpen I get movit.sharpen.

It’s description is rather complicated. It’s not typical unsharp mask. There are 5 parameters so I’m not sure how I should set them for mid-sharpening. Moreover it’s not clearly said if sharpening is done BEFORE or AFTER upscaling. And finally it’s written that using this filter, (as it’s some kind of smart filter) it’s very processor power consuming. So I’m wondering if there is any quicker alternative…

I think that’s not available in shotcut.

Ok my error.

Probably I should rather execute:

melt -query "filters" | grep "sharp*"

And then we have the following typical unsharp mask filter

melt -query "filter=frei0r.sharpness"

However it’s not written if it’s done before or after upscale… And parameters values (possible range) are different than in GIMP or Shortcut…

@Ar_D so you think wrong… :laughing:

Wait, I thought you were asking about the end user filters. I replied according to that. That’s why I am wrong.

I am end user although, I know about melt, but never tried it.

I was just kidding… :yum: We are all learning here…

Although I still count that someone knows the answer on my questions…

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All of the “movit” filters use the GPU (they are shader programs), not CPU. They were generally available in Shotcut in the past, but so many users had major problems caused by the GPU filters that Dan decided to remove/hide them, so they are no longer generally available.

Thanks a lot @Eulsien I know I can count on good answer from you quite often. :slight_smile:

Getting to the point, do you know what other filter names prefixes mean. Ex. frei0r.sharpness has frei0r as prefix. Here we have full list MLT - Documentation I would be in particular interested with prefixes avfilter, frei0r, ladspa, sox.

And do you know how to check in what moment of processing they are applied? In particular if ex. sharpening is applied before or after upscaling? Or how to force it to be applied after upscaling?

Frei0r is a minimalistic plugin API for video effects. See (https://www.dyne.org/software/frei0r/), although the names don’t necessarily match those that Shotcut uses and not all the parameters are necessarily exposed in the Shotcut UI filter, and not all filters are implemented. I created UIs for several of these some years ago as they were not then implementsd.

avfilters are part of ffmpeg and there is a framework there to create others. For more information see: FFmpeg Filters Documentation

I very rarely use audio filters, so I can only point you to the MLT documention, MLT - Documentation and MLT - Documentation

As to your query about how the processing is done, I’m afraid I don’t know.

So it’s very mysterious part… :stuck_out_tongue: However thanks for helping. :slight_smile: Perhaps someone else know the answer about sharpening by frei0r, if it’s done before or after upscaling…

Keep in mind there are multiple places where scaling can take place, but you are referring to when Export > Advanced > Video > Resolution different than the Video Mode. There is no way to add filters here. A different approach is to close the project, change Settings > Video Mode to the different resolution (keep fps the same), use File > Open MLT XML as Clip, add filters, and then export.

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Thanks a lot. Good to know this option. However isn’t it possible to add filters when exporting using Other window and to put as text filter names and parameters?

No, I would have told you how if it is possible.

Ok, thanks a lot. I was almost sure that it it possible in this way. However life is surprising sometimes… :stuck_out_tongue:

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