What PC should I buy for Shotcut

Wow! Gonna try to find that in ebay europe. Really good bet. It’s a pitty the 152$ for the shipping.

Thank you!

EDIT: no way, same around here >350€ + shipping

That eurpoean shipping is always a killer, but i’ve seen local sites similar to craigslist and ebay that are worth a look.

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As far as I understand, the best choice of performance/money will be 6 cores 12 threads. I want a modern and well-branded processor, this is why I don’t consider any “old” model or xeon. Thus, I have a choice: Ryzen 5 3600 or wait a bit to get 10 gen of Intel 10600. Are those 2 will be very similar in performance? I tend to intel a bit more for work, if that would be for gaming then I’d go with Ryzen right now, not waiting for 10th gen.

Honestly I would say wait a little bit if you can. AMD should release the 4000 series in a month or so and the 3000 series should drop a bit.

My personal build mantra is splurge on the board, buy a CPU to get you buy and half the ram you want. Later on down the road you can double the RAM and upgrade the CPU. Personally I prefer AMD and my 1600 OC’s to 4.1Ghz. For a GPU a used GTX 1050 will work well for encoding video.

Old server boards are honestly great options you can stuff them with a crapton of ram and be up and running for cheap. Plus you can get things like SAS controllers and end up with all the storage you will ever want. Dropping in a couple 15K SAS drives for swap can be a huge benefit.

https://www.ebay.com/itm/UXS-Server-Direct-Attached-Storage-2U-8-Bay-FREENAS-ZFS-UnRAID-2x-Six-Core-48GB/132787323256?hash=item1eeabdc178:g:oH4AAOSwtFxbop0L for instance gets you a 10K passmark rating with 48GB of RAM. Add a couple drives, an OS and a GPU then go off to the races. The main issue is you will probably want to swap into a different case or find something that is 4U so you can use a full height GPU but you still end up with something pretty good on a budget. Later on you can jump to a faster pair of CPU’s or build a different computer out and use it for a server to store your projects among other things. I recently doubled my server’s ram and went from 48GB to 96GB for 130 bucks. And I went from dual Xeon E5640’s to dual X5690’s for 150 and nearly doubled my passmark score. FYI the pair of X5690’s MSRP was around 3300. Yeah it’s older but still cheap when you look at the cost vs performance.

Modern is all in perspective, Intel’s architecture hasn’t changed much in a while, they make little revisions and shrink the process but really there hasn’t been drastic reworks since they started down the core i path. The 10th gen stuff is only marinally better than the 9th and so forth. AMD had a major architecture change when they switched to ryzen but are building off of that. It’s been tweaks and revisions to get things running better, basically evolutionary steps. The switch to ryzen was revolutionary compared to the previous generation. IMHO AMD is eating Intel’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner right now for anything that is more than single threaded application wise. But still I wouldn’t buy or build till July when everything is out unless I had a completely dead computer.

Yeah, that maybe good idea to wait, but this is 2 months at least and I do not have any computer now, besides my old AMD 2 cores laptop, which is till not bad but not enough for any video editing at all. Though, I don’t feel like there will be a big difference in price/performance of processors in 2-3 months, I’m not looking for saving 50 dollars or so on processors. I think that if Ryzen 3600 or i5 10600 is enough for comfort video editing of 2K and relatively normal for 4K simple videos then it will be enough for me. Thank you for your reply.

There are lots of videos e.g. on YouTube with comparisons…, have your own opinion, make your own decision…, no problem!

Best regards

I can vouch for this PC - I video edit using a T3610 purchased from a recycling company. Good price, good performance, and you’re helping to save the planet a little :wink:

It really depends on what else you are planning on doing on the computer:

Shotcut works well on a mac but those are expensive, however, you could by them second hand from a workplace or attempt to get the macs used for advertising as those are sometimes sold cheaper than other devices.

I have an Acer which is a good laptop to work on as however, I do find shortcut is slow sometimes and sometimes I have to save a project then reopen it. On the other hand, I have recently been keeping all my documents on an external hard drive. This has made my computer work faster. Acer’s are quite a good well-rounded computer as they have a big storage capability (for your videos), you can game on them, and they are great platforms to work on (if you’re a student). That is why lots of schools (in the UK) use them.

I would suggest not getting a chrome book at that doesn’t have an OS so downloading applications is hard however chrome books are good for working and you could download shortcut onto a hard drive or USB and run the application through that device. Chrome books are a good computer for students working from google drive.

I hope this helps

Having a limited budget will always be a concern, especially if you’re looking to buy quality. I must say your choice of GPU will affect your CPU as well. The AMD Ryzen 5 3600 works best with the AMD Radeon RX series of GPUs, such as the RX 5700 or RX 5700 XT. The Intel Core i5 10600K, whereas, is designed primarily for the RTX series of cards such as the. RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2070 Super. Also, make sure you get a pc optimization software for your pc. At https://thinkmobiles.com/blog/best-pc-optimization-software/ you can find a very well documented review of some of the most popular pc optimization software. On the long term, it would be a good decision to have such a software, because it will keep your pc in good shape.

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