What other params can you use in the Text filter?

All I’ve heard about is the timestamp one, and I’m asking because if that parameter is the only one for the Text filter, that would be kinda disappointing. :stuck_out_tongue:

over here

Kind’a disappointing that you’re just going on heresay and haven’t bothered to look further than that screenshot.
Try actually using Shotcut and in particular the Text filter and see for yourself.

To be fair, the Text filter itself only provides the presets for an escaped hash sign, the Timecode, Frame #, File date, and File name.

There’s no mention of e.g. #localtime# which inserts the current time. Or #width#, #height, #aspect_ratio#, #audio_channels#, #colorspace#, #original_position#. let alone #meta.media.0.codec.name#, etc. that you’d need to dig up from the MLT framework docs, as alluded to by the Dynamictext filter docs:

Most of them aren’t going to be too particularly useful in editing (e.g. do you really need to output that the clip was h264, has 2 audio channels, at 48kHz?), though #original_position# is nice to have around, and I’m sure there’s others people would find useful.

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Sorry for the necro, but I have the same question. Is there a comprehensive list available somewhere? I tried looking through the posted link as well as the other documentation and couldn’t find any more information.

Specifically I’d like to place a text filter that displays the current clip number (I’m making videos with dozens of clips). Barring that, I could make it work if it would display the just the file name (not the full file path like #resource#).

Thanks in advance!

What you see in the documentation link is all there is. The things you are looking for are not available. Type that info in yourself. Closing as this is an old topic marked solved.