What option specifies hardware encoding in the MLT file?

Hi everyone, I think the threads=‘7’ and vcodec=“…” options in the consumer are in charge of the hardware encoding, please correct me if I’m wrong. Also, I have a question:
what does the number 7 mean and how shortcut determine that number since it’s different from one computer to another?

thank you so much for any clarification

This is the number of processor threads (threads, not cores), but the sum is minus 1 thread, since threads are counted from 0.

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vcodec is the parameter that determines the codec to be used. If the codec is set to one of the hardware encoders, then hardware encoding will be used. The hardware encoders can be configured and enabled in the export panel. The configure dialog shows the list of available hardware encoders (but you should only use encoders that are detected in your system).

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Thank you @brian and @dimadjdocent for the valuable information.

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