What is wrong with this Glaxnimate file?

I manage “relatively easily” to move a circle (ellipse1 in the example oval) with Glaxnimate.
The oval should not move from the beginning, but from frame 150-360.
This works and this animation can then also be used in Shotcut. :+1:

As soon as I move another circle (ellipse2 in the example round), this only works if it remains visible from the beginning.
As soon as it is to move from frame 780-1090, it only works in Glaxnimate without saving.

If I then save in Glaxnimate and want to open it again in Glaxnimate (or continue to use it in Shotcut), the error message appears:
Could not load first_frame before animation timing.

I tryed it 30 times, but allways the same problem.
If i duplicate ellipse1, if works. But only still i change the time and position.

Here you see, how it looks right, but after saving the error occurs.

The defect *.rawr is included.
China Sprung + Umsprung.rawr (16.4 KB)

Here you can see the stream for which I use the animation.
I could only solve it by using 3 separate Glaxnimate files (instead of one).

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I also experienced it with your file even after removing both ellipse and creating two new ones. See here for a bug already reported:

I am glad you figured out the solution, and your video is a great use case for this feature.

Thanks for testing and for reporting the bug.

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