What is with the clicking audio?

This is apparently a common problem & it’s driving me crazy. One developer said it may be due to splicing clips where the audio doesn’t blend well & I know what he means, but that’s not it! It happens before I even make any cuts…I love Shotcut because it’s the easiest, most user-friendly video-editing software, but it’s useless if the audio keeps clicking throughout. Does anybody have a solution??

Btw, I have Shotcut 23.12.15 & Apple M1 chip Mac Mini, 8GB Memory. & it happens with all file types, 480, 1080, etc. & I never mess with the settings.

Try changing Settings > Player > Audio API

Thank you. I’ll try that. I also just realized that I don’t have the latest version of Shotcut, so I’ll also try with that.

This option is not on macOS. I do not know why it happens for you; it does not happen to me on my M1 Mac Mini except when something is very heavy with CPU usage. Does the problem exist when you make an export and play the export result in Quicktime Player or VLC?

I’m only seeing Jack Audio, not Audio API…Could it help to change Bilinear to Lanczos & One Field to BWDIF? Thanks again for your help by the way.

No, those options are better, which means they are also heavier.

Yes & no. Sometimes the clicking is temporary within Shotcut, but many times it’s permanent & I can hear it in VLC…Okay, I’ll avoid Bilinear & Lanczos then.

My project files & videos are both loaded from my external drive…because I keep everything on there to preserve the mac, since it’s far cheaper to replace an external…I’m wondering if that may be the problem.

I tried loading a project from the computer itself, with the source video also on the computer itself, (as opposed to the external hard drive) & had the same issue, so that can’t be it…Currently, I have a project with many video files & it clicks the whole way through…I tried an experiment though. In Shotcut, I replayed an area with a click 10 times: 7 times it clicked & 3 it didn’t…& when I exported the video, it clicked in VLC…I started a new project, however, & added just 1 video. The click was in the same place, BUT, when I replayed the area 10 times: it only clicked 2 or 3 times & the rest it didn’t…& when I exported that video, it didn’t click in VLC…So it leads me to think that it can only handle a little at a time. A colleague always recommends Avidemux because it retains original quality, but I don’t have the same level of control as in Shotcut. It’s just really frustrating because I spend a lot of time on these projects.

Also, could: rebuild audio waveform help? I always see it but don’t know what it does.

I found a solution for others dealing with this issue. The clicks come when you cut in certain areas, but it has nothing to do with the audio itself…which is to say that sometimes if you cut audio in half (for example when someone’s speaking) you’d probably hear a click where it cut off. That’s not what this is though. This just happens when you cut in random places, because even if you split the video during silence, it can cause clicks a few seconds later…BUT what you can do is detach the audio that’s clicking, then extend it (AKA trim it) in both directions on its own track. The clicks will go away, but obviously that doesn’t solve the problem because you don’t want it extended…so just export that audio by itself as a wav file then reimport it…It will be in the same place so you can just delete the clicky audio & use the wav instead. At that point, you’ll be able to edit click-free…It’s a bit of a pain in the ass but it gets the job done. At the start of every project, you could also just detach/export/reimport the full audio so that it’s not a concern…though it would be annoying to edit, because there’s no attach audio option, just detach…which means every time you split the video you’d also have to split the audio in the same exact places & move both in tandem…Anyway, good luck.