What is the name of the default installation directory of Shotcut?


I use Windows 11 on my acer laptop, and I have installed Shotcut Version 23.11.29. On my account, I use the program without serious problems. My wife is now also interested in video editing, so I wanted to prepare her account so that she can use Shotcut from there. On my desktop, there is no Shotcut link. I open the program from Start or from the taskbar.

I tried to find Shotcut from the account of my wife, but it is not visible. Both connections to Shotcut from the task bar or the Start menu do not show me where it is installed. Searching on the C:\ or D:\ drive for ‘Shotcut’ or ‘shotcut*.exe’ returns an “empty set”. What I need is a link to the existing installation so that I can add a desktop link on the other account. How can I find the installation? I didn’t change any directory on installation, so the answer should be the default directory.

Thank you for your reply!

Go back to your account

Right click on the Shotcut icon in the start menu > Open file location > Right click the Shotcut icon in the folder that popped up > Open file location > This new folder that opens up will be where Shotcut is installed.

If your wife’s account can’t run the app from that folder then you might need to install it on her account separately

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There is the problem: I cannot see the “Open file location” over there…

That’s interesting. Go to

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

See if “Open file location” is available when you right click the icon in that folder.

Honestly that’s kinda strange that you don’t see it in the start menu itself.

Shotcut does not exist in that directory:

Did you install Shotcut from the Windows Store or the Shotcut website?

Good question! I installed it several months ago. Unfortunately, I forgot the details.

You can confirm by searching for shotcut in the Windows Store and see if it says “installed”, but it seems like that’s the case. The apps I install from the store doesn’t give the option to show the icon in the folders, and the WindowsApps folder where Store apps are installed is locked from direct user access.

You can either install it again from the store for your wife, or install it from the shotcut website (Uninstall the store version first though)

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This might help.

On Windows 10 it will be:

For logs, presets, cache and settings, read this:

Logs, presets and cache can be found by doing this:

That will only show the appdata folder for presets but not the actual app install location

Again, this is for Windows 10.
This is what is on my computer.
Shotcut version 23.11.29

Presets, logs, etc are located here:

As far as I know, these are default installation directories.

Oh I see. Strange how it’s missing when I check the path

The directory depends on whether you’ve chosen to install only for yourself or for all users. Shotcut menu View > Application Log… tells you near the top.

C:\Program Files\Shotcut

Look for shotcut in the C:\Program Files\Shotcut directory on your account to create a desktop shortcut.

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