What is the FX section for?

I want to know how to use all parts of shotcut.


These are buttons allowing you to quickly switch between different layouts while you are editing videos.
Depending on what you are doing, you might want a different layout.
For example, when you’re doing animation you might want to use a layout where you can concentrate only on the filters panel and the keyframes panel. So you could use the FX layout for that.
All those 6 layouts have default configurations. You can of course edit each one of them to fit your needs.

This is my Logging layout

My Editing layout

My FX layout

And my Player layout

To be honest, I very rarely switch between layouts. I use the Logging layout to prepare for big projects, but for everything else, I use the Editing layout.

How exactly do you use the logging layout for projects? Honestly I look at the logging layout and idk how it would/should be used.

I don’t remember what the original Logging layout looks like, I changed it a long time ago.
I use this layout when I have to extract parts of a long video file to use in a project.

I import the long video in the Source panel, I trim the clips I need and send them to the Playlist.
I use the Properties panel to rename all the clips in the Playlist.

Someone else might prefer a different layout for logging. This is the one that works for me.

You can change any of the 6 predefined layouts to your liking. You can reset any of them by going to View → Layout → Restore Default Layout.

That sounds like it would be useful that a compilation project I abandoned a couple years ago.

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